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  ‘@Do you have a dentist with whom you can consult about anything?@‘
  Dentistry in general (implant,laser) /Pediatric/Orthodontic/Cosmetic dentistry

1. Are you on good terms with a dentist?

@EDentistry in general       [ Λ General, Λ First, Λ Check up ] @
Are your teeth all right?
Don't you have discomfort, such as improperly fitted dental implants, loose dentures, stinging or throbbing toothache?
We provide full mouth treatment with your consultation at our clinic.
Full mouth treatment is a treatment with which to detect diseases you have been unaware of and to arrest the diseases with earlier procedure in addition to the treatment of the teeth you want to be treated.
If treatment is given while the symptoms are mild, it will take only a short time with less cost and with simple procedures.
We also provide a painless treatment with the latest laser technology.
In addition, we put emphasis on daily brushing of teeth, and earnestly instruct on tooth brushing.
It is good for you to have a dentist with whom you can consult about anything anytime.
We do hope you will visit our clinic.

šGeneral treatment

Our hospital is doing full oral treatment.

Full oral treatment means to see the patient's main complaint,"Worrisome" and "Painful place",
but of course I can see the whole inside of your mouth and make an early discovery I will.
By early detection, you can prevent illness or small treatment.
We also check on periodontal diseases that are often overlooked unexpectedly.
Those who wish treatment for full mouth will give you an approximate treatment period and an estimate.
When treatment is over, we go into maintenance treatment and prevention treatment.
Treatment flow
1. first visit@If you have an insurance card, please bring it. (Such as N.H.I)
2. fill in questionnaire form
3. Digital radiography when necessary
4. Interview (counseling)
5. Explanation from Doctor
Inspection of periodontal disease
Saliva test
Inspection of plaque

2. Can you smile in public without worrying about your teeth?

@EOrthodontic dentistry (pediatric/adult orthodontic treatments)      [ Λ Orthodontic ] @
Aren't you troubled with double teeth, protruding teeth, projecting lower jaw. gapped teeth, rough teeth, etc.?
Don't your children have the thumb-sucking habit or unusual tongue habit?
Unusual habits of infants may greatly affect the growth of the face.
Teeth straightening not only makes a beautiful smiling face, but also leads to a neat mouth with better occlusion and provides distinct pronunciation.
In this age of globalization, "a beautiful smile." which gives a good impression to others, is the basis of modem manners. There is no age limit on orthodontic treatment.
Even if you couldn't get orthodontic treatment in your childhood, you can get adult orthodontic treatment.
By getting partial orthodontic treatment, orthodontic treatment for periodontal disease and orthodontic treatment wHh implants, it is highly possible that you may not lose your teeth and may not wear dentures.
Please consult with us even on trifles.
Children's orthodontic
Skeletal malocclusion may be treated earlier.

Let's cure a bad habit (thumb sucking, lip chewing) as soon as possible
Adult orthodontic treatment
Those who have been worried for a long time.
Those who had orthodontic treatment once.
Those who are interested recently.
Adult correction is now increasing.
There are some inconspicuous devices, so please contact us for small things.

Before treatment
After treatment

Before treatment
After treatment

Mouthpiece orthodontic treatment
Mouthpiece treatment using a mouthpiece.
Because it is inconspicuous and easy, it is popular for those who can not afford orthodontic appliances at work and for adults.
ƒ}ƒEƒXƒK[ƒh ƒAƒ‰ƒCƒi[ ƒNƒŠƒAƒAƒ‰ƒCƒi[

i1jMinor Crowding Case
Minor Crowding Case
Minor Crowding Case
Minor Crowding Case
Minor Crowding Case

i2jSpace-Close Case
space close Case

i3jIntrusion Case
Intrusion Case

3. Do you know about cosmetic dentistry, though the words may still be unfamiliar to you? ?

@ECosmetic dentistry      [ Λ Cosmetics,Λ Cleaning ] @
Aren't you giving bad impression to others with nicotine, dental calculi, yellow teeth or blackened gums in addition to cavities?
We clean and bleach your teeth by introducing the latest instruments.
Don't you have old silver teeth in your mouth?
We can replace silver teeth with ceramic ones.
We can also replace discolored teeth or dental implants with completely mismatching colors.
Do you know bleaching of teeth?
If you have generally yellow teeth, the yellowing cannot be removed only by cleaning.
The teeth may become more yellowish with age.
In addition, we recommend this treatment to those who suffer from the color of teeth, including those with naturally yellow teeth.
This Is the method of whitening teeth without scaling them.
It makes a difference with just one try. It is a new dentistry which surely satisfies you. You writ be pleased that you visited our clinic.
Dental esthetics
Did you give a bad impression to your partner besides tarp, dental calculus,tooth coloring, gum dullening, bad breath and dental teeth?
Our hospital introduces the latest machines and cleans the teeth.
It is very comfortable.

Cleaning of tooth topics in the mass communication, the world.
Why do not you clean up the tea, coffee stain,tar of cigarette etc?
Do not you brush up to the best with professional hands?
There are also many people who are regularly on hand and are popular treatments.
Why do not you try it once by all means?
Do you know of bleaching teeth (whitening)?
If the whole tooth is yellow, you can not get this yellow tint only by cleaning.
With age, yellowing becomes darker.
Also those who suffer from color, suchas those who are touched by the color of their teeth, I recommend this treatment.
It is a way to make the teeth white without cutting the teeth. Please check your color of your teeth by all means. Whitening will make your tooth color natural and whitish with transparency.
If your tooth color is white, you can also smile.
There is considerable effect at one time.
It is a new dental treatment that can satisfy "I'm glad to came".

4. The latest painless treatment: it it true that it is painless??

@ELaser treatment      [ Λ Laser ] @
It is a painless treatment. Small cavities can be scaled with this treatment.
"Anesthesia and surgical knives" are not necessary.
It is highly effective for treating periodontal disease and also effective for removing the darkening of the gingivae, preventing cavities and strengthening tooth structure by impregnation with fluoride.
It is a treatment that even expectant mothers or those with pacemaker can get without anxiety.

5. Children's teeth: We will protect their teeth with Mothers!

@EPediatric dentistry       [ Λ Pedodontic, Λ Pregnant, Λ Check up ] @
Children are not miniatures of adults.
You may not believe it, but the way and habit of feeding in infanthood determine the conditions of teeth and jaws in adulthood.
We also provide a substantial preventive treatment (sealant, fluoride).
We hope your children love to visit dentists from their earliest childhood.
Our kind staff is also waiting for them. In addition, we recommend expectant mothers to visit our clinic for checkup in order to prevent mother-to-child infection.
Please get dental care before you become a mother.

6. Don't you have trouble with your dentures??

@EDenture treatment      [ Λ Denture, Λ Visit ] @
Do your dentures fit you? Aren't they heavy? Aren't metal fittings too much conspicuous?
Just as your figures change, the gums below dentures (the bank parts) also change.
Accordingly, it may sometimes be necessary to replace your dentures with new ones that better fit the present condition of your mouth.
We recommend titanium dentures best for lightness and taste and also dentures made with nylon material without metal fittings if you hate conspicuous metal fittings of dentures.
We decide what dentures to make after counseling with you based on your design models and samples.

7. Will your lost teeth come back??

@EImplant (artificial dental root) treatment      [ Λ Implants ] @
It is a technology to bring back your lost teeth with artificial teeth.
You don't have to wear dentures because artificial teeth are implanted in the bones. In addition, there will be no load on teeth due to dental bridges any more.
When teeth come off, the bones there get thinner. Then the surplus muscles win be left around the mouth and the wrinkles may be formed.
That is to say, you may look older. However, if implants are inserted, the shapes of the bones are maintained (in the condition that you have teeth) and the shapes around the mouth are also maintained.
Implants have been developed every year into the best materials and sizes. We do hope you will consult with us before you decide to wear dentures thinking that there is no alternative.

8. Fully automatic cleaning and sterilizing device for handpiece

dac Universal We use hygienic equipment for each patient. In our hospital, we introduced DAC Universal from Sirona, Germany We are thoroughly cleaning and sterilizing treatment equipment. It conformed to Europe which is a sterilized developed country We offer "safe" and "safe" treatment under strict hygiene conditions.


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